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The Ram and The Goat (Karelia)

In order to avoid ending up on their master's holiday table, a goat runs away with a ram into the woods where they must use their smarts to avoid becoming yet a different dinner, a dinner for wolves and bears.


The Cat and The Fox (Vologda, Russia)

A mischievous cat, discarded deep in the woods by his master, is discovered by a clever fox who marries him and announces to the creatures of the woods that he is the new and ruthless governor.


Sheydulla the Loafer (Dagestan)

Sheydulla the Loafer is a man who is so lazy that he can not even carry out the simplest tasks that would make him a wealthy man.


The Master Who Became a Horse (Belarus)

An angry and greedy master learns to be good after being turned into a horse.


The Meaning of Dreams (Tartarstan)

With the aid of a soothsayer's predictions and the help of a simple peasant, the Great Khan unlocks the mystery of his nightmares and discovers the wicked plans of his enemies to turn him into a donkey.


Ivan The Fool (Yaroslavl, Russia)

Ivan the Fool sets out to sell the family goat and ends up marrying the princess.


The Miller's Greedy Wife (Ukraine)

The miller wife's pays for her greed after stealing their neighbor's dancing hen and turning into a chicken herself. The miller and her wife find out what they must do to get the spell reversed?


The Clever Daughter (Voronezh, Russia)

A clever young girl wins back her family's baby horse lost in a corrupt court decision by correctly answering the king's riddles for her father.


The Orphan Fox (Bashkortostan)

A greedy fox gets her due when she comes to live with a group of animals, steals their butter, and tries to blame it on one of the others.


Stories of the Raven (Eskimo, Chukotka, Russia)

An eskimo and a bear both catch the same fish and decide the fish will go to the one who can tell the best story about a raven.


How The Snake Got Tricked (The Nivks of Sakhalin Island, Russia)

The snake is tricked into losing his legs as punishment for stealing the eggs of the birds.


The Tsar and the Weaver (Armenia)

A simple weaver proves to be wiser than the sages using his clever wit to save the entire kingdom.


Bird Leg (Bashkortostan)

An evil wizard named Dev kidnaps a young girl named Galia in order to turn her and the other captured children of the village into birds. Galia escapes from his cave only after one of her legs is transformed into that of a bird. While running away she meets her love and together they save the other children from Dev's spell.


Meanies (The Hutsuls, Ukraine)

A husband and wife are determined to rid themselves of the destructive pests that keep returning and destroying their house. Their neighbors watch and revel in the couple's misfortunes yet grow more and more jealous each time they see the couple rebuild everything to an even more glorious state.


Peter and Pete (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Peter the Great meets a simple soldier who teaches Russia's first tsar a thing or two on their way back to St. Petersburg.


I'm Not Telling (Rostov, Russia)

Vanya, a stubborn country bumpkin, marries Princess Marya, and help Prince Vasily marry the Yelena the Beautiful.


The Trickster Raven (The Itelmens, Kamchatka, Russia)

A tale about how man taught the raven to fish.


The Big Rooster (Pskov, Russia)

A big rooster couldn't lay eggs for his poor master, but he does help him get a house, a garden, and a windmill, and teach his master's greedy landlord a lesson as well.


The Fox and the Thrush (Ukraine)

A tale about how an artful and greedy fox came to be afraid of birds and live inside of a tree.


Shish (Tula, Russia)

The mischievous and sarcastic Shish makes up cock-and-bull stories that always leave his greedy brothers empty handed.


Zhikharka (The Ural Mountains, Russia)

A fox tries to steal a little girl named Zhikharka so he can eat her. He manages to steal the girl, but not to eat her.


The Heart of the Beast (Amurskiy, Russia)

If a person has a kind and pure heart he always remains human. It is not important if he appears fierce on the outside.


The Naughty Baby Bear (Yakutia)

A little bear dreamt of becoming a squirrel, then a deer, and then a duck... So, which one will he be?


The Nightingale (Tatarstan)

In the home of a rich merchant lived a nightingale in a beautiful cage. The merchant did nothing bad to the nightingale and that is why the nightingale lived without care or woe, but how she dreamed of freedom! And then one day, thanks to the advice of her brother, the dream came true - the nightingale flew up high into the clouds and sang a joyful song.


Tom Thumb (Belarus)

In a little village there appeared to family a son - Tom Thumb. The restless little boy tried to help everywhere. But his help had quite the opposite effect.